Christmas Eve Crib Service

Hello Everyone,In these difficult times, it is important to have a crib service which can be safely attended by the maximum number of people. We are hoping that the churches will be open again by Christmas although we will need to socially distance in church and singing won’t be possible this year. As a result, we’re bringing you a more interactive service with more involvement by the congregation throughout the service and a brand new set of Nativity puppets operated by the church children.We have set up this event via Eventbrite so that you can book tickets in advance to ensure safe social distancing while coming together as a community to celebrate the birth of Jesus. hope that this will be a straight forward way to reserve seats and ensure that we can make this as special a Christmas as possible. Please message us if you need any help. Thanks x

Christingle Oranges

Unfortunately, due to the current Lockdown restrictions we won’t able to give the congregation a Christingle orange this year. During the on-line Zoom service, we will be showing you how to make a Christingle, while explaining what the Christingle means.

If you would like to make a Christingle at home, this is what you will need:
• 1 orange
• 1 long white candle or a birthday candle, whatever you have at home (or an electric tealight if you’d prefer)
• 4 cocktail sticks
• Soft sweets, marshmallows or raisins
• A thin red ribbon or a strip of red paper about 20cm/9” long
• Glue or glue dots
• A knife or apple corer to make a hole in the top of the orange for the candle
• Small square of tinfoil

Good luck!! We’d love it if you could send us photos of your Christingles to Facebook at Holy Cross Fenham or Child Holy Cross.Just message us to get the link to the Zoom Meeting and we look forward to seeing you on-line on 29th November at 4pm!

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Messy Church!!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Messy church, we’re just having it later in the month on 28th November so we’re closer to the start of Advent.You’ve got almost 2 weeks to collect materials which you will hopefully have around the house already:- 2 paper plates- Various sheets of coloured paper (including white, brown, red, purple, pink, lots of green and any other colours that you like)- 4 toilet roll inners or 2 kitchen roll inners- Paint or colouring pens- Glue- Cup cake cases. For the food you’ll need:- Shredded wheat- Golden syrup- Granulated sugar- Butter or cooking margarine- Jelly babies- White chocolate buttons- White fondant icing. Hopefully see you on Facebook on 28th November!!

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The Christingle Service

The Christingle Service is a lovely start to Advent and reminds us what the festive season is all about.The collections from our Christingle service always go to support the vital work carried by the Children’s Society, which is needed now more than ever. Here’s a short film about their work and a link to their webpage if you are able to donate.

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